What are the duties and responsibilities of a Bar Manager?

A bar manager is one who directs, controls and plans the activities of a bar. The duties and responsibilities of a bar manager in hospitality revolve around planning, supervising and allocating the day-to-day operational activities of the bar. Work Scheduling and proper planning is a significant element that contributes towards fostering strong employees.


Scheduling Waiters According to Changes in Customer Demand

Scheduling waiters as per the demand is an important responsibility of the bar manager. They interact directly with customers. Hotel Management College in Haryana 2017 teaches the ways to adjust and review the shifts of the staff at the upsurge time of the season.

Scheduling Responsibilities for Inventory Control

A bar manager is responsible for ensuring that the record of the bar is well maintained. As a bar manager, one needs to look after the responsibility of the sales of all types of drinks including beers, cocktails, wines, spirits and beverages. When preparing all these arrangements, you must ensure that the bar and store have sufficient number of staff during all shifts.

Rescheduling Tasks to Cover for Absent Employees

Employees take leaves for some or the other reasons such as off-days, sickness, maternity leave, disciplinary suspension and many more factors. The best way to deal with the cases of temporary absenteeism is to reschedule duties in an efficient manner so that the present employees can stand in for the absent employees. Hotel Management College in Haryana 2017 helps students to learn all these ways during their internship. You can use this opportunity to allow subordinate employees to stand in for their seniors and in doing so you would effectively be training, guiding and empowering the junior employees.

Allocating Cleaning Tasks

The bar manager is the person who has the responsibility to ensure that the bar is perfectly cleaned on a regular basis. This is because cleanliness is the essence of bar business. As the bar manager, you are responsible for appointing employees and dividing the tasks between them like who will clean the floors, furniture, wash glasses and other utensils on a daily basis.


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