Top to Toe Information about Hotel Management

Hotel management courses are offered at many colleges and universities as part of academic programs. Hotel Management College in Haryana 2017 offer courses that leads to professional certificates, undergraduate degrees or graduate degrees in hospitality management. Here are some of the main concepts you’ll encounter while doing hotel management:

  • Management basics
  • Communications
  • Service industry principles
  • Advertising

Hotel Management College in Haryana 2017 - LCHM
Benefits of Studying Hospitality Management:

The programme has a multi-dimensional approach towards its curriculum and features umpteen activities. Regular guest-lectures add for value-added industry recommendations for the curriculum as well as the course structure for the programme. Hotel Management College in Haryana 2017 networks with a large number of hotel groups throughout the country and helps students to get appropriate experience from their industrial visits. International internship is also offered by many renowned institutes which not only dilate the horizon of a child but also inculcate hospitality skills in them.

More about Courses:

Managing Customer Relationships Course: People who take this course learn efficient strategies for managing customer relationships within the hospitality industry. They learn about ways to satisfy customer demand through a change in the culture and goals of an organization. Topics include guest satisfaction, consumer behaviour and expectations, service quality and effective communication.

Food and Beverage Course: This course is all about the challenges faced in food and beverage operations. Students discover types of service, kitchen and dining room structures, staffing, purchasing and inventory. Case studies, guest lecturers and seminars often provide individuals with information on innovative trends and outlooks.

Hospitality Finance and Accounting Course: Here, the individuals develop an understanding of the accounting and financial processes involved in hotel operations. Students learn to read income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements, as well as to estimate profit and loss ratios.

Technology for the Hospitality Industry Course: Students gain an understanding of the computer systems and software programs frequently used in the hospitality industry. They learn about management information systems. They are made aware of e-commerce, e-marketing and online information which with the help of internet influences business goals.


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