How to Greet a Guest in Hospitality Sector?

Guest services involve providing the guest with information and special requirements. The front desk is responsible for coordinating guest services. Front office personnel need to respond knowledgeably to guest requests for information. Top Hotel Management College in Haryana instils these qualities in the candidate right from the beginning.For a hotel to achieve excellence in hospitality, many guest relations skills must be learned by the employees who will be delivering the services. Some of the basic skills that help to reap excellence are:

Top Hotel Management College in Haryana

  • Smiling
  • Greeting
  • Conversing
  • Providing Assistance
  • Giving Attention
  • Maintaining a positive attitude
  • Providing positive endings

Having a smile when dealing with guests helps to create a friendly atmosphere. Greeting a guest includes smiling as well as eye contact. Providing attention to the guest is enhanced by the little extra in guest interactions. When the guests are around, they should not be ignored. During the departure, guests should be thanked for staying at the hotel. This is just to ensure a repeat business for the hotel.

Top Hotel Management College in Haryana teaches a positive attitude to the graduates. This means that the employee should consistently provide excellent service to the guest. If at any time, a guest comes forward with a complaint; the employee receiving it should address the guest with full attention.

Furthermore, the best approach for the employee is to keep a pleasant expression. The employee should never argue with the guest. There should be a supervisor with the front office employee. In case guest’s complaint cannot be resolved by the employee, the supervisor should step in to resolve it.

Feedback from our guests tells us that our seasonal welcome display is the first thing they notice and that it makes us stand out from the competition. Regular guests also generate new business because they suggest the hotel to friends and family. They also book special occasions such as weddings and birthday dinners.

First impressions are crucial. Ensure your hotel is clean and presentable outside and inside. Make sure the hotel door is opened for the guest by a courteous member of staff who smiles and warmly greets them with a “Good morning” or “Good afternoon”. Ask if your guest needs assistance with luggage.


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