Scope of Hospitality Management in India & Abroad

Hotels are among the most important and visible aspects of the development of infrastructural facilities of any country. This industry has earned a boost especially in India due to a number of aspects like speedy progress of other sectors and development of tourism. It is expected that great revolution will happen in the coming years due to the recent liberalization of trade.


With the emergence of globalization, career opportunities in hotel industry are not only just restricted within the nation, but there are chains of hotels operating at international level with many branches all over the world thereby offering scope for rewarding career opportunities abroad. With the development of this industry driven by business travel, domestic tourism and foreign tourism, the need for well-trained professionals has increased immensely for international level star hotels.

To garner industry exposure and experience for students, Hotel Management College in India offer internships or cooperative-learning experiences to provide valuable experience within controlled and monitored industry settings. For students to be successful, hospitality management programs must meet the needs of both students and industry, developing skill sets needed in the industry while achieving the academic rigor demanded by institutions.

As compared to any other profession, scope of jobs is wider in this field since it involves a mixture of different skills pertaining to accounting, marketing, sales, front office operation, housekeeping, food and beverage services and last but not the least, management. Nowadays, the increase in corporate activities and the wish to travel on holidays has made the industry competitive.

Students may be encouraged to obtain industry-based skills beyond an internship by holding a part-time job while completing their studies; students and graduates who do not gain extra experience may be inadequately prepared for the work and demands of the hospitality industry. However, Hotel Management College in India pushes the students to both excel academically and develop practical skills. Few studies have examined the effects of the increasingly demanding relationship between academic and industry skill development.

Hospitality is the act of kindness in welcoming and looking after the basic needs of customers or strangers, mainly in relation to food, drink and accommodation. A contemporary explanation of Hospitality refers to the relationship process between a customer and a host. When we talk about the “Hospitality Industry”, we are referring to the companies or organisations which provide food and/or drink and/or accommodation to people who are “away from home”.


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